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EstimuloShow 29 July 2012 w/ Estimulo
A guy called g - subscape
agua re - holy dance
paul bennett
mbg - the quiet
essence - just a touch
simoncino - jungle dream
fre-dee - beware of the dark
perseus traxx - know yourself
Tralopscinor - Always Did, Always Will
Jaime read - give it to you
R.E. - rain forest
M.K. - the mkappella
secret code - sunday morning
Sway & King Tech-Follow 4 Now
the true underground sound of rome - clouds
snuff crew - clarity
raze of pleasure - at one
groove 2 - attraction
da housecat - marine mood
party time
pal joey - i got the rhythm
disco elements - what the papers said dub
weekender - lost in the loft
passion dance orchestra - alone together
c/rock - summer
disco nihilist - a new career in a new town
maxmillion dunbar - polo
lacarno & burns - we love the rain
jackee - seeking space
the neverending dreams
state of mind - common people
house of 909 - love of god
metro - angel of mercy
symbols & instruments - tear drops of yesterday