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EstimuloShow 26 Feb 2012 Mike Bishop
Robert Hood, Untitled, Nighttime World Vol.2, M-Plant
Selway, Untitled, CSM
John Tejada, Crosswired, 7th City
Envoy, Good Company, Soma
Soultek, Lighter Path, Fortune8
Duplex, Where's My City, Frantic Flowers
E.S.O.M, Blue Pyramid, Emphasis Recordings
Sven Weisemann, Samui Love, A.R.T.LESS
Theorem, Embed, M_nus
Arne Weinberg, Eclipse, Frantic Flowers
Kenny Larkin, Sympathy, Rush Hour
I-Liner, Beltway, Parallel Recordings, Ltd.
Bug Orchestra, I'll Find You, Elypsia
Octave One, The Living Key, 430 West
Maus & Stolle, 2nd Rate People, Klang Elektronik
Plunge, Power Rabbit, Deja Vous
Terry Lee Brown Junior, Take Your Time Vs. Timewriter, Plastic City
Hoodlum, Grace Under Fire, Drama
John Tejada, City Of Drumrolls, Palette Recordings
Blake Baxter, In Da Mix, Tresor
Aaron Carl, Down (The Original), Metroplex
Blake Baxter, Like You, Tresor
Bug Orchestra, Find Your Future, Elypsia
Boomer Reynolds, Ink Blots, Advanced Architecture Recordings
Millsart, Untitled, Axis
Pod, Northern Light, Rush Hour
D-Ram, IH-10, Sidereal Records
Leonard J. Bartush, Radio One Windsor, Development
8088, The Waiting, Sidereal Records
Cybotron, Clear, Fantasy
IL.EK.TRO, Prior Alert #1, Klang Elektronik
Mandrake, World Wind, Dust Traxx
John Tejada, Polarity, Palette Recordings
Orlando Careca vs. The Cosmonut, Ceramic, 66 Degrees Records
Jerry The Cat, Mating Ritual, Soiree Records International
Son Of Scientist, Theory Of Everything, Main Squeeze
Stefan Manceau Christophe Bouthé Jymmy Dark, Sweat (Inuendo Remix), Starbaby
Mr. YT, No.1, Global Cuts
Monomorph, Departure Can Wait, Nature Records (Album)