Guest mix poddy with interview for Mantissa Mix

Mantissa · Mantissa Mix 218: Estimulo

“I’ve recently had the pleasure of playing quite a few nice gigs and also have a few lined up so the mix was basically a product of me going through the selections of the recent / soon to come shows and playing the “other” tracks from these records. Other meaning, well, there is always that one track that comes to your mind when you see the record, the track you pack the record for, that track you always play. you know? So in this mix i played the other tracks from these records. Plus a few new ones thrown in as well that fitted the flow. Plus an edit given to me from my buddy Florist, plus one of my edits. All over the vibe i would say is between Bleep and Ambient Techno/House with a few trancy overtones, but quite driving and dancable.”

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